Made for the 20 Second Game Jam in November 2022. Twenty Seconds to Daytona is a simple tribute to old arcade-style driving games crammed into a frantic 20-second game loop.

You took a wrong turn in Daytona Beach, Florida and found yourself on International Speedway Boulevard, where everyone is on drugs and no one knows how to drive. The goal is to survive to the end of a 20 second track while destroying as many other cars as possible.


Your gas pedal is stuck down so your car moves forward automatically.

Press Left / Right arrows or A / D to change lanes to the left or right.

Press R to restart

Sideswipe other cars to make them crash.

Made in Godot 3.5.1


All graphics, art assets, and font by Kenney. (CC0)

Music is Stickky by Studio Meow Meow (CC BY)

SFX are CC0 sounds from

Everything else by Justin Chartier and John Day

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorSAWD Games
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Arcade, Destruction, Driving, Funny, Indie, Retro, Short, Top-Down


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Nice game. Has some replayability as well

this game was really fun nice pickup and play game has arcade feel to it played it multiple times cause it was addicting.

Nice work, a lot of fun to play over and over again. I appreciate the polish with the tire treads, car honking, and screen shake.

A really fun game! The "blinkers" feature is a pretty clever way to add difficulty with the car switching lanes but it not coming out of nowhere for the player. The possibility to destroy cars also makes it very addicting (I enjoyed trying to get them to crash onto each other!)

a good 20 secs of road rage and doesn't cost a quarter. fun stuff!

nice game, 11 cars destroyed. Controls a bit janky tho

Very nice game, I could go up to 12 destroyed cars and tried around 30 times. So far this is my favourite game. If I really need to say something, the collision systems sometimes feel a bit unfair, in particular when you try to sideswipe a car, and it touches a bit of the rear of your car. Both of you end up exploding !

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This is pretty fucking rad. Can I contact you in some way? I'm making a game with a similar mechanic and I'm triying to get the part of moving other cars right

You can contact us at John Day#8328 on Discord or at sawdoffgames at gmail dot com.

Really cool and fun, music and sounds makes it perfect. And gameplay is really smooth. Tho would be more comfortable imo if player's car was placed a bit lower, so player could see more of a road